About ME/CFS


We are patients and families with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and we are here to support, inform and help you to deal with this serious illness.

If you are in crisis, seek emergency assistance – such as 911  or CONTACT We Care 1-800-SUICIDE

Links to valuauble information on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Fact Sheet ME/CFS 2012

ME.CFS in Children & Adolescents

CFS – For Families, Friends and Carergivers

CFS in Women and Pregnancy

CFS/ME A Primer for Clinical Practitioners – International Association CFS/ME (IACFSME)

International Consensus Primer for Medical Practitioners – International Consensus Panel (ICC)

NJCFSA Brochure


A Consensus Manual for the Primary Care and Management of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Anyone may download an electronic copy of the Manual in Adobe Acrobat® Reader portable document format (PDF).  To view the manual, Acrobat Reader software, available free from Adobe , is required.  Download the A Consensus Manual for the Primary Care and Management of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome  (PDF file size 785K) at CFS Consensus Manual.pdf.

Translations:  Japanese is available here and Spanish is available here




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