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REMINDER – News from Mass CFIDS Association

October 16, 2011 Conference Video

Conference – Walk-in registration will be available on Sunday at $45.

NJCFSA is pleased to announce Fall Conference Speakers

Reach out to healthcare providers who want to learn about the diagnosis and clinical management of CFS. SAVE the DATE!

IACFS/ME Conference

Upcoming event in Massachusetts

Dr. David Bell, noted CFIDS/CFS researcher and pediatrician, will present “Current status of XMRV Research and Comments on the NIH April State of Knowledge Conference” on Saturday, April 16, 2011. Dr. Bell will have just returned from the St order viagra ate of Knowledge Conference, a 2-day event bringing together researchers, clinicians, government officials and […]

Bergen Support Group March Event

Conference DVDs

Upcoming Event

Massachusetts Premier of INVISIBLE  “There are a million people all over the country and from all walks of life who are not just sick, they are INVISIBLE. See them for the first time.” The Massachusetts premier of a film by Rik Carlson and Michael Thurston The film makers will present the film and provide commentary. […]

NJCFSA 2010 Conference