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ME/CFS Genes Study

Dr. Nancy Klimas is embarking on a Gene Study of ME/CFS. Please see the following link for information about the study.

Survey Request

Now Recruiting Additional Participants and Bedbound and Severely Ill! Richard Podell, MD Center For Disease Control’s Research on CFS: For the last two years, 50 of our patients have been part of a study on CFS sponsored by the Center for Disease Control (CDC). While disagreeing on some points, I have been very favorably impressed […]

Dr. Lapp is Seeking Severely ill/Bedbound Patients

From: Hunter-Hopkins ME-Letter Sep 2013                                                                                                                                Dr. Charles Lapp: We are seeking to learn more about PWCs who are severely ill and bedfast. Such individuals are unable to consult with physicians and may not be getting adequate healthcare. Both the Centers for Disease Control and the  International Association for CFS/ME and FM (IACFS/FM) are considering programs […]

Research Opportunity

“After careful consideration, we have regretfully decided that we will not be able to participate in the research study that has been proposed to test whether methylphenidate plus nutritionals would be a useful treatment for chronic fatigue syndrome.” R. Podell, MD Click on this link to read about a research project being considered by Richard […]


Below is a link to a survey that will provide information to the FDA about ME/CFS patients in an objective format. Details are available at the link.  The survey link is at the end. The survey should take 30-40 minutes to fill out, depending on how many comments you have. Text boxes on the survey […]

Research Opportunities

Shared by CFIDS  2/20/2013 Use the link below to view details for multiple studies CFIDS Postings