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Fact Sheet ME/CFS 2012

Factsheet for Family Friends and Caregivers

ME-CFS in Children & Adolescents

Pregnancy in Women with ME-CFS

Information for Friends, Family and Carergivers 2009

Resource List 2012

Pediatric Resource List

Pediatric Resources – are also available on the Youth Corner. and are divided into categories. Many – but not all – are pediatric articles.  Browse through all categories during your search.

NJ Senate Resolution for NEI Center Passes 06/10/2010

Medical Resources

CFS-ME A Primer for Clinical Practitioners 2012

International Consensus Primer for Medical Practitioners 2012

Other Medical Information

 Consensus Manual (Physicians Manual) 2002

Physicians Manual – Japanese

Physicians Manual – Spanish


New PediatricCaseDef ArticleSeePage17


What is CFS in Youth

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome in Children and AdolescentsFocus&Opinion

ThirteenYear Follow Up

Treating CFS-Bell

Evaluating CFIDS-Checklist for School Nurses

Patient Information on Neurally Mediated Hypotension and its Treatment

Visual Dysfunction in CFS

Treating kids with CFS

Psychiatric and Psychosocial Aspects of CFIDS

Aspects of an Illness -Pediatric_CFS_–_Winter_09_Chronicle

Social Beings

Energy Saving Tips

How do Adolescents with CFS perceive their social environment?


Improving Communication Between MDs and YPWCs

Ten Points on Organizing Care for Children

How adolescents w-CFS perceive social environ

Educational Resources

Recognizing & Assisting Students with CFS

Presentation to the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Advisory Committee – Barbara Comerford, Esq.

Educating the Child with CFS-McQuown

Neurocognitive Problems and the CFS student

A Useful Test Battery for YPWCs

Kids study finds real attention deficits


Educating Schools-What Schools Need to Know

CFIDS Educational Rights,Responsibilites & Opinions

Special needs of Children with CFIDS

Tips for Classroom Teachers of Young People with CFIDS

Parents Share Ideas for Educational Planning

Educating Schools-What Schools Need to Know

CFIDS Educational Rights,Responsibilites & Opinions

Tips for Classroom Teachers of Young People with CFIDS

Kids Guide to Surviving & Succeeding

A Parent Advocacy Guide – Obtaining Educational Services

ADA Amendment Act of 2008

Family Resources

Challenges of Parenting a Child with CFIDS

Rights and Needs of YPWCs

Setting Limits-Teachinga child with CFIDS to Take Responsibilty

Risk and Resilience

One Family’s Nightmare

What Children with CFIDS Need and What Adults Can Do to Help Meet Those Needs

Coping Resources

Kids Coping with CFIDS

Hope from a YPWC


Personal Stories

CFIDS Has Been a Challenge to Me-S.Walk

Living with CFS-Brian Bernard

The Faces of CFS-Bernard

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